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18 December 2014

Re Release Ithayakani 3

Sri MGR Year 97, 18th December, Thursday

We have already uploaded two videos of Ithayakani movie which was re released in Mahalakshmi theatre two weeks back. In this post we are uploading another two video clips.


After the marriage in coffee estate the couple arrives to get the blessing from his mother. Followed by astrologers advice of separating the married couple for one month.


Click the above image for the video clip of Inbamae song. As the print and the projection is bad the clip had to be enhanced for brightness, pardon for the picture quality. Watch how MGR fans enjoyed the duet song. In the song when the heroine mentions our God MGR as Vallal (noble) the theatre became thunderous.


The second video clip given below is the political dialogues uttered by our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and the characters of the movie.


Click the above image to play the video clip.

14 December 2014

Re Release Ithayakani 2

Sri MGR Year 97, 14th December, Sunday

Sathya Movies Ithayakani was re-released previous week in Mahalakshmi theatre and we have uploaded images and one video relating to the reaction of MGR fans.


In this post we are uploading further scenes from the movie where our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR speaks about the coffee estate and followed by the villains planning to disgrace MGR name and fame.


The above images are not from Mahalakshmi theatre.

The dialogues of Isari Velan, Rathna and S.V.Subbaiah praising MGR is uploaded. The praising words is for Mohan character but the dialogues are direct hint to the real life of MGR.


Pardon for the poor video quality.

When MGR’s benevolence, respects to women and his title is said the people became ecstatic and MGR devotees showed their devotion watch for yourselves.

09 December 2014

Re Release Ithayakani

Sri MGR Year 97, 9th December, Tuesday

The 1975 Blockbuster movie and Puratchi Thalaivar MGR starrer Ithayakani was re released in Mahalakshmi theatre this week.


The above image was taken on 7th December, time 5.50 pm. Thought this much people only came to watch.


The most famous pose of MGR, no need to mention the movie title the pose itself is enough.


A part of the crowd inside the theatre taken during the interval of the movie. The theatre had 75% occupancy even the movie was shown in Sun Life channel the previous day.

As usual the print is bad but the movie had 30 minutes long interval to compensate the cut of the movie. Most of the reel had MGR colour print (runs only in one colour that is pink).

Click the below image for the video clip.


The first scene of Ithayakani movie and the response to our beloved Leader MGR.

Above video had to be enhanced for brightness and sharpness. For viewing pleasure the video resolution reduced to 352 x 288 pixel size as the original video looks very much blur. 

Other videos will follow.

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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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