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24 January 2015


Sri MGR Year 98, 24th January, Saturday

Veteran Tamil film actor V.S.Raghavan aged 90, passed away today in a private hospital. Fondly remembered as one of the great character artist of Tamil movie who possessed unique dialogue delivery and mannerism breathed his last today. We team expresses their heartfelt condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.


The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MGR, presenting the Devar Award in a cinema function to V.S.Raghavan.

V.S.Raghavan first appeared with our Puratchi Thalaivar movie in Olivilakku as a Police Officer. Later he was cast again as a Police Officer in Engal Thangam. His notable roles with MGR are, foster Father in Sangay Muzhangu, again foster father in Nalai Namathey, Villain in Pallandu Vazhga, strict and disciplined father in Neethiku Thalaivanangu, as Father-in-law in Urimaikural, police informer in Sirithu Vazha Vendum, as a trusted Minister in Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian and a small role but aids to lift MGR image in Uzhaikum Karangal.

During 1970s period V.S.Raghavan has acted in most of Thalaivar movies. In October 2014 in an interview to Indian Express he quotes “Once, I was part of almost every MGR film”.

First time in download of video clips.

Click here to download the interview of V.S.Raghavan.

22 January 2015

April In January

Sri MGR Year 98, 22nd January, Thursday


One of my friend purchased a new mobile phone on checking the software's installed I happened to see Box TV. After logging into Box TV, I found our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR movie listed along with other language movies.

As a pleasant surprise the movie list showed Sri Murugan (1946) an image of our Thalaivar dancing with Malathy. I clicked the link quickly and found the below image.


It showed the synopsis of the movie Sri Murugan and it is given below.

Sri Murugan

Tamil | Drama | 2:15:16

Director : M.Somasundaram

Description : Bangalore based stage and screen star Honnappa Bhagavathar replaced M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, the first superstar of South Indian Cinema in Sri Murugan of 1946. Sri Murugan is the beautiful God who is the son of Shiva and Parvati and the brother of Ganesha, the elephant God. Lord Murugan has many names. Subramanium, Karthikeyan, Skandan, Saravanan etc.

MGR fans very well know that this movie negative has been lost due to fire accident. And MGR tried for the print when he was the Chief Minister. In this Sri Murugan movie MGR acted as Lord Shiva and did a good performance which gave an opportunity for him to act as a Hero in the next movie Rajakumari.

On seeing the synopsis I clicked the play button with great enthusiasm, my mind was thinking how to capture the movie and how to show this to our fellow MGR followers, the link continued to show an ad after the ad the titles were in Malayalam language, showing in black and white, Merryland Trivandrum presents Sri Murugan. From the letters I guessed it is Gemini Ganesan how come Gemini Ganesan played a role with MGR, I thought maybe as it is rare movie people should have not known the fact, watched the title fully and the scene continued to show Gemini Ganesan entering the frame in Lord Shiva costume and his physique looked like from a 70s movie.

Came to know that this is a Malayalam movie Sree Murugan and not the Tamil version that MGR had acted. Now you can understand why I gave the title April In January how they had fooled us by showing the MGR image for a Malayalam movie. Checked with youtube and found it is a colour movie.

17 January 2015

Happy Birthday

Sri MGR Year 98, 17th January, Saturday

Today is our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s 98th birthday. As usual most of the TV channels telecasted (or telecasting) MGR movies and songs.


Below is image file from Daily Thanthi digital edition showing MGR movie timings.


The movies that are telecasted:

Channel Name

Movie Name


Jaya TV Vivasahi 10 am
Raj TV Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban 10 am
Raj TV Adimai Penn 1.30 pm
Raj TV Mattukara Velan 9 pm
Raj Digital Plus Nalla Neram 10 am
Raj Digital Plus Kudieruntha Kovil 3.30 pm
Raj Digital Plus Ragasiya Police 115 8 pm
Vasanth TV Vivasahi 2 pm

And the ad given by Government of Tamil Nadu.


14 January 2015

Golden Jubilee Enga Veetu Pillai

Sri MGR Year 97, 14th January, Wednesday

evp_50   evp_record

Today 14.1.2015 is the Golden Jubilee year of Vijaya Vauhini productions and our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR super duper hit movie “Enga Veetu Pillai”. Released on Pongal day in 1965 had a mammoth collection and created unparallel records.

MGR_Saroja MGR_Elango

The movie crossed silver jubilee in 7 theatres all over Tamil Nadu. The list of theatres which had 175 days run are:

1.Casino – Chennai (210 days)

2.Broadway – Chennai (176 days)

3.Mekala – Chennai (176 days)

4.Central – Madurai (176 days)

5.Royal – Coimbatore (190 days)

6.Jupiter – Trichy (236 days)

7.Yagappa – Thanjavur (176 days)

MGR_Pandaribai MGR_Rathna

Cast and Character

Artist Name Character Name
MGR Ramu & Elango
Sarojadevi Leela
Rathna Santha
Pandari Bai Susila
M.N.Nambiyar Gajendran
Thangavel Malaiappan
Nagesh Govindan
Ranga Rao Ranganathan



Zamindar of Poonjolai had twin sons and a daughter, but one of his son was kidnapped and lost as a child and he grows up as Elango (MGR) in a village. Unfortunately the zamindar wife dies and he re-marries to look after his children. His daughter Susila (Pandaribai) and the son Ramu (MGR) grow up in the estate. Susila marries Gajendran (Nambiyar) the brother of Zamindar’s second wife after zamindar’s death Gajendran takes up the charge of the estate and treats all others as his slaves. Ramu is ill treated and grows up as a coward often whipped by Gajendran as a punishment.


As per the Will written by the Zamindar when his son Ramu reaches adulthood the whole property will be attained by him and if he dies prematurely the property will be donated to poor. As Gajendran knows the verses in the Will, he tries to amaze as much money as possible.

In the mean time a suitable bride was selected for Ramu, but the bride Leela (Sarojadevi) wants to meet Ramu in person. Arrangement is made for the meeting but it goes all wrong as Gajendran dominates the scene. Gajendran tells his plans to his sister which Ramu over hears and escapes from the Zamin.


Kumari Pennin Ullathilae song scene.

At the same time Elango who was locked by his mother escapes from his house and reaches the town. Both Ramu and Elango crosses over unknowingly. Elango helps Leela in getting her purse from a burglar she mistakes Elango as Ramu and takes him to her house. Ranganathan (Rangarao) informs Gajendran that Ramu is staying with them. Gajendran takes Elango to his house, there Elango understands who is Ramu and what has happened to him. He also feels pity for Ramu’s sister and her daughter and continues to act as Ramu.


The famous pose of MGR for the song “Naan Aanai Ittal”.

Ramu fells unconsious and is saved by Santha (Rathna) she takes him to Elango’s house. In the Zamin Gajendran asks Elango to sign the documents so as to transfer the property to his name. For which Elango refuse to sign, Gajendran tries to harm Elango but he returns the whipping to Gajendran this time.



Elango takes charge of the house and the business. He asks Govindan (Nagesh) to search and find out Ramu. One day Santha takes Ramu to her house and her Grand Mother who is mentally distrubed by her loss of daughter (MGR’s mother) and grandson understands that Ramu is her grandson at this point Ramu does not know about this fact.


Ranganathan happened to see Ramu and Santha together and informs this to his daughter Leela and his men brings Santha to their house. They all misunderstands that Ramu and Elango are the same person.

While inspecting the Mill, Elango orders his workers to take the injured to the hospital and Gajendran comes in between, Gajendran feels he is humiliated in front of the workers he now beats Susila and Elango stops his act. Gajendran takes his daughter and sister with him to a separate house. Susila feels bad that his brother has done wrong by fighting with Gajendran. She asks Elango to apologize, Elango goes to Gajendran but he is not willing to return.

Then Elango writes a letter stating that he is not Ramu the letter reaches Gajendran and he orders his men to grab Elango. Elango returns to Leela and tells her everything and she takes him to Santha where the mystery gets solved that Elango and Ramu are twin brothers. Unfortunately  Gajendran’s men holds Ramu thinking that he is Elango.


Now Elango returns to the Mill and saves Ramu from the clutches of Gajendran, after seeing both the twins Gajendran changes his mind. Ramu marries Santha and Elango marries Leela. The story ends in a happy note.

Songs: The movie has six scintillating songs, penned by Vali and Alangudi Somu, music by the duo Viswanathan and Ramamurthy.

1. Kangalum Kavadi – song for Vijayalakshmi and others (lyrics by Alangudi Somu)

2. Kumari Pennin – duet song for MGR and Saroja Devi (lyrics – Vali)

3. Naan Aanai Ittal – the prophetic and philosophical song of MGR (lyrics – Vali)

4. Penn Ponal – duet song for MGR and Saroja Devi (lyrics by Alangudi Somu)

5. Naan Manthoppil – duet song for MGR and Rathna (lyrics – Vali)

6. Malaruku Thendral – sad song for Saroja Devi and Rathna (lyrics by Alangudi Somu)

Character of Ramu and Elango in the next post.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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